[EXTRA ITEM ZP] Dual Beretta Gunslinger

Plugin: Dual Beretta Gunslinger
Version: 1.0
Author: Skill Von Dragon

CSO WINKIA TEXT: http://cso.wikia.com/wiki/Dual_Beretta_Gunslinger

This item can be obtained from Premium Top 50 Decoder.
Akimbo automatic pistols given to a selection of a few guardians of justice.
Fed with 36 rounds of .44 Fast Draw, these special pistols feature unique martial art that combines marksmanship with bladeworks, using both melee and bullets to devastate enemies.

High damage
High accuracy
Low recoil
High rate of fire in both mode
Lighter than knife
Gunkata final shockwave has very high knockback
Extremely long melee attack range (6 meters)
Gunkata has 360 degree atta
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