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  • » » CS 1.6: Dual Beretta Gunslinger

    CS 1.6: Dual Beretta Gunslinger 

    Категория: Видео раздел, Автор: Bim Bim Cay, Просмотров: 3 501

    Akimbo automatic pistols given to a selection of a few guardians of justice. Fed with 36 rounds of .44 Fast Draw, these special pistols feature unique martial art that combines marksmanship with bladeworks, using both melee and bullets to devastate enemies.

    + High damage
    + High accuracy
    + Low recoil
    + High rate of fire in both mode
    + Lighter than knife
    + Gunkata final shockwave has very high knockback
    + Extremely long melee attack range (6 meters)
    + Gunkata has 360 degree attack
    + High spare ammo

    + Easly runs dry
    + Hard to obtain
    + Very slight downtime between bursts
    + Gunkata consumes ammo

    + The full gunkata combo consumes one magazine, so be wise to use that since you can easly run it dry.
    + The normal reload needs is 2 seconds. When finishing gunkata, it will automatically reload, but it still requires 2 seconds.
    + The final shockwave has very high knockback, but doesn't deal damage at all.

    P/s: CS 1.6 has limitation about rendering so the shadow effects can loose the transparent (Texture). The fake hand is not client entity so it can cause some problems if the ping is very high (bad connection)

    Salamander (Version 2013)
    The Salamander is a flamethrower that can burn enemies in close



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