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    CS 1.6: Claymore Mine MDS 

    Категория: Видео раздел, Автор: Bim Bim Cay, Просмотров: 2 824


    Fires hundreds of iron balls forward with the pressure of internal explosives.
    Left click to detonate, right click to switch to a motion sensor. Front towards enemy.

    + Extremely high damage
    + Light as a knife
    + Extreme range
    + Can detonate automatically in motion sensor mode
    + Doesn't explode if both the user and teammate pass it.
    + Can kill multiple enemies at once

    + Only hits 180 degrees in front of it
    + Motion sensor range is low
    + Expensive for a grenade
    + Primary mode has to be manually detonated
    + Can only be used once

    + Because you only receive one mine, use it wisely.
    + If you're planning to use it in motion-sensor mode, place it where the enemies will most likely pass by.
    + Alternatively, place it facing the C4 in Original. Its extreme range and damage will entirely prevent people from defusing, or safely destroying it.
    + Keep your distance from it after planting, or stay behind it. It can easily kill you.

    [CS WEAPON] Janus-11 [by m4m3ts]
    zp extra item Janus-11



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