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    CS 1.6: Dual Sword Phatom Slayer 

    Категория: Видео раздел, Автор: Bim Bim Cay, Просмотров: 3 103

    Overview :

    In order to destroy the evil that makes the world go astray, these dual swords, which are infused with huge power, are able to take them down. If the special trigger conditions are met, the feast unfolds.

    + Extremely high stun power
    + Very high damage in all modes
    + No speed reduction
    + Can kill multiple enemies at once
    + Very high rate of slash even for secondary mode
    + Far attack range in special mode

    + Obtainable only during the event period
    + No knockback at all
    + Cannot be enhanced yet
    + Hard to use while using special mode (because of the blade movement)

    [CSO|SMA] Destroyer
    Destroyer is a science fiction sniper rifle in Counter-Strike
    The THANATOS-7 is an anti-zombie machine gun in Counter-Strike


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