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    CS 1.6: Iron Fan (War Fan) 

    Категория: Видео раздел, Автор: Bim Bim Cay, Просмотров: 1 422


    A Japanese war fan that is designed for use in warfare, used by the samurai class of feudal Japan. It is made from iron and can be folded to make a powerful attack in the form of a fold. When opened, it can blow away enemies in the air. Each attack is slow, but if the is timing well, you can maximize the effect by attacking continuously.

    + Can do a longer attack when use combination attack
    + Decent damage
    + Free of charge

    + Rarely obtained from Mileage Decoder
    + Require to master the combination keys
    + Low attack rate

    Download Link: See in the description of the video

    Salamander (Version 2013)
    The Salamander is a flamethrower that can burn enemies in close
    [ZP]: Chainsaw
    Покупаем бензопилу и пилим зомбей



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