[CS1.6] Ghost Fury (SMA + AMXX + RESOURCE)

Let's try a new and very cool gameplay. It's 'Ghost Fury' - Game of the Month

Turn all humans into ghosts! That's the goal of ghosts to win.
The ghosts can fly in the sky, also it can freely go through all the walls.

[Q] - Infinite Walking (Fly, Go through all the walls)

Ghosts can't be seen by human's vision. (However, if you shine the ghosts by using flashlight, you can see it)
The ghost may make you 'surprised'!
Suddenly the ghost appears in front of you, it'll put an end to your human's life ^^!

Annihilate all the ghosts!
or survive until the end of time or ghosts win by killing all humans
Be always careful as the ghosts are everywhere and ghosts are visible if you shine them.

Come quietly, they can make you surprised, trust me!

Do not camp!, as the ghost can always be behind you. You've been warned! :)
You can detect ghost's location by shrining that point (using your flashlight)
If the ghost suddenly appears in your aim, you'll be 'surprised'...

Do not go or stay alone! Walking alone means death.
Always stick together to survive and keep you far from ghosts. Teammates are all you need

Are you ready?
I wish you had a cool game time ever!

I give you 2 version of Ghost Fury Mod
1. Ghost Fury With XP Level (AMXMODX 1.8.3, SMA, AMXX, RESOURCE)
2. Ghost Fury Original by Dias Pendragon (AMXMODX 1.8.3, AMXX, RESOURCE) [Without SMA !]

Remember !
You have to use amxmodx 1.8.3 Version 4826 !! (already included in file)

Link Download:

Ghost Fury With XP Level

download (google drive link)


download (mediafire)
Ghost Fury Original by Dias Pendragon

download (google drive link)


download (mediafire)

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  1. ZombieSource от 7 октября 2015 17:40
    Game of the Month

    Мои сервера:
    fraghost.ru:27017 - Zombie plague v1.3
    fraghost.ru:27015 - Deathmatch - anitalink DM+Что попало
  2. ZKoaLa от 7 октября 2015 18:12
    Allow the admin piracy in this block? I mean, because if you're going to place a free mod that follows the sale which the owner is Dias without your permission :02:
  3. zombi attack от 7 октября 2015 18:55
    SMA ?
    There is no sma.
    This is bullshit.
  4. D34
    D34 от 7 октября 2015 22:28
    Цитата: Temaker
    ник автора странный !

    Один из фейков Conspiracy или как там его, крч фанат Диаса
  5. установкой от 8 октября 2015 02:28
    Цитата: zombi attack
    SMA ?
    There is no sma.
    This is bullshit.

    Option No.1 include sma.
    download it first, and you'll know it...
  6. Just a Boy от 8 октября 2015 16:45
    Надо будет ресурсы рипнуть)
  7. zombi attack от 9 октября 2015 10:26
  8. Conspiracy от 9 октября 2015 15:29
    D34 What I?
  9. gavrilyuc от 19 октября 2015 16:20
    как же я долго искал модель фонаря под персов... Только за эту модель "+"
    while(true) Console.WriteLine("Attack Dddos 104 Send");
  10. xuqiang5213 от 30 ноября 2015 04:34
    Этот адрес я также загрузить не ах, есть новый адрес?
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