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    [ZP] Regeneration Zombie 

    Категория: Зомби классы, Автор: NooControll, Просмотров: 3 320

    This is a zombie class I created some time ago, but basically it's a class that regenerates its HP or in other words heal. It regenerates X (this is a cvar that can be changed) HP every X seconds. The regeneration stops when the zombie gets shot, but it resumes again when no one shoots at it. Moreover, after X times of HP recovery a cooldown activates for X seconds. After the cooldown it starts to regenerate its HP again.

    There are some extra "things" to the plugin .... like showing how much HP you have recovered and a sprite every time you recover HP .... as well as 2 sounds .... 1 when you recover HP and 1 when the HP is fully recovered

    Here are a few screenshots so you can see what it basically is:

    Regenerating HP




    [NPC] Dr: Rex V.2
    Dr: Rex Boss Original Author of the plugin: Dias Von Pendragon Who
    zp extra item DeadlyShots
    AllShots Will Be Deadly


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    Комментарий #1 | Добавлен: 29 июля 2017 14:18
    Well ... since I couldn't find a way to edit the publication .... I decided to put up download links in the comment section:

    Download link: http://mmoity.com/1B4W
    Mirror: http://mmoity.com/1BAC



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