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    CS 1.6: Turbulent 9 

    Категория: Counter-Strike 1.6, Автор: Bim Bim Cay, Просмотров: 4 008

    It is a gauntlet-type close-up claw that gives strong destructive power. Equipped with TURBULENT Engine System in 2nd mode and using the blade attached to the Gauntlet. Fast continuous attack is possible.

    +Heavily resembles Dual Wakizashi, TURBULENT-9 has an instant double slash in primary mode and delayed triple slash in secondary mode. Each hit deals 40 damage for human and 500 for zombies without the armor.

    +Primary attack deals 80 damage and 1000 damage to humans and zombies respectively and the secondary attack deals 120 damage and 1500 damage respectively. Backstab and headshot increases the damage of hit four times each.

    +The maximum damage can be inflicted is 6000 (secondary attack, backstab, Deadly Shot).

    +Because has short range attack, this weapon are not recommended to attack in front of enemies.

    The THANATOS-7 is an anti-zombie machine gun in Counter-Strike
    [CSO] Skull-11 (2 mode)
    :01: Skull-11 Description: The Skull-11 is an anti-zombie shotgun
    Salamander (Version 2013)
    The Salamander is a flamethrower that can burn enemies in close
    [ZP]: Chainsaw
    Покупаем бензопилу и пилим зомбей



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